The Studio

For monitoring, analyzing server usage carbon emissions. Forecast in order to create carbon reduction plans and make decisions. Integrate in just a few minutes with a minimum of work for IT teams.

The studio - For monitoring server usage carbon emissions, creating carbon reduction plans and make decisions

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Connect your CSP account and get your dashboard immediately

Advanced metrics

Emission Tracker and Forecaster

Forecast emissions over the year, view day-to-day trends

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Data Mapping

View by cloud, data-center, region, group resource, tags, create internal reports

OxygenIT dashboard

Explore and identify ways to optimize your infrastructure

OxygenIT - dashboard to identify way to optimize your IT infrastructure
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Filter and Display Options

Filter by cloud, data-center, region, group, tags and select to display metrics in different time periods.

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Comprehensive Infrastructure Insights

View your entire infrastructure in summary or in detail and get detailed metrics for each instance/server to identify optimizations.

Forecast the impact of infrastructure changes

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Calculate, Compare, Make Decisions

Forecast the impact of infrastructure changes, compare and make decisions based on your carbon criteria.

OxygenIT - Calculate your public cloud resource

Analyze the impact of your PuE and your energy supplier's carbon factor

PuE and energy supplier's carbon factor
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Simulate investment scenarios

Simulate the impact of your PuE reduction investment and the impact of a more sustainable energy supply.

Available for most cloud providers

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Usage choices

Several usage choices are available based on your organization's needs.

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SaaS Mode

Operate OxygenIT seamlessly in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, ensuring accessibility, scalability, and continuous updates for an optimized user experience.

In-house icon

In-House License

Install OxygenIT on your IT infrastructure under a in-house license model ensuring more flexibility, control and security.

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OEM & White Label

Integrate OxygenIT fully into your product, with different branding options, ensuring a tailored experience for your end-users.

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