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OxygenIT - a comprehensive and industrial solution to continuously monitor and improve the carbon emissions and energy consumption of your cloud infrastructure.

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Most carbon reduction strategies don't include the cloud

Carbon emission measurements are not available

The cloud providers do not provide precise measurements, making it impossible for businesses to assess their environmental impact effectively.

Cloud Service Providers (CSP) emission data is not useful

Existing emission amounts are provided monthly and they are averaged, compensated and approximate numbers.  The calculation methods are opaque, making them useless for the most part.

Impossible to get details

CSPs do not provide access to the parameters used nor to the calculation methodology.  This prevents businesses from developing comprehensive cloud transition plans.

OxygenIT - Everything you need to reduce your cloud and datacenter carbon emissions

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Comprehensive Metrics

OxygenIT provides a wide array of metrics to etablish your Scope 2 and 3 emissions reports.

Whether you are assessing energy consumption in Watt-hours (Wh) or evaluation operational and embodied carbon footprints in grams of CO2-equivalent, our calculator provides detailed insights to empower your decision-making process.

Provide your clients with carbon emission measurements
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Customizable Analysis

You can tailor your metrics to your specific needs, via the APIs and with The Studio, our calculator allows analysis based on cloud providers and geography.

Whether you're focused on a particular cloud service provider or need insights specific to certain geographical regions, OxygenIT provides detailed breakdowns, enhancing your ability to target areas for improvement.

API - methodology
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Simulation Capabilities

Planning infrastructure changes? OxygenIT empowers you to create simulations, enabling you to forecast the environmental impact of different scenarios.

By simulating changes in cloud providers, geographical locations, or other variables, you can make informed decisions to minimize your carbon footprint effectively.

Identify the hotspot by using data mapping from OxygenIT
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Multiple Cloud Providers Compatibility

Designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses, OxygenIT is compatible with all the major CSPs and datacenter hardware.

Whether you operate on public clouds, private clouds, or on-premise infrastructures, our tool seamlessly integrates, ensuring accurate carbon calculations across different platforms.

Work on all aspects of cloud carbon with OxygenIT

Compliance management

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Regulatory Reports

Establish carbon reports to meet regulatory requirements. OxygenIT simplifies the process, ensuring your business stays compliant with environmental regulations.

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View by Geography

Analyze your carbon footprint by geographic area, aligning your operations with local regulations. Navigate the complexities of regional compliance effortlessly.

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CSP Comparison

Evaluate and compare carbon footprints across various cloud service providers. Get actionable recommendations to optimize your choice.

Analysis and action planning

Advanced metrics

Advanced Analysis

Explore data across various timeframes, resources, projects, and customers. Our granular approach allows you to set clear priorities for your carbon reduction efforts.

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Build Action Plans

Define cloud carbon reduction plans tailored to your business needs. Predict the impacts of increased cloud and datacenter due to growth.

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Scenario Comparisons

Compare different scenarios to align with your strategic net-zero commitments. Evaluate the potential outcomes that suits your sustainability goals.

Observation & Communication

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Hour-by-hour Monitoring

OxygenIT offers a dynamic dashboard and real-time monitoring, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding the environmental impact of your digital operations.

progress tracking

Progress Tracking

OxygenIT help your CSR teams monitor progress, offering insights to refine strategies and achieve your optimization targets.

Why OxygenIT?

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Up-to-date, precise and hourly measurements

We are committed to continually updating our cloud and datacenter configurations with the latest data, so you don't have to.  We take every necessary parameter into account to provide to you the most precise measurements possible.

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Exhaustive cloud provider coverage

OxygenIT works with all the leading cloud providers and includes the entirety of their public cloud resources. You have access to a wide choice of options and can accurately measure your carbon footprint across different cloud providers and on-premise infrastructures.

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Flexible infrastructure modeling

You can simulate emissions on as many infrastructure models as you need, there is no limit.  If you need to, collaborate with our cloud and datacenter world-class experts for estimates tailored to your unique configuration. We offer advice and validation for accurate and reliable results.

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