Robust cloud carbon data is a prerequisite for meaningful transition plans

We specialize in helping consulting firms provide their clients with accurate, transparent, and actionable data regarding cloud and datacenter carbon emissions

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Today, it is not possible to help your clients build their cloud Net-zero strategy at the usage level

Are you a consulting service exploring avenues for growth, specializing in ESG, energy, IT services, or any other niche? If you're interested in integrating a state-of-the-art carbon data management tool into your services, allowing your clients to manage their emissions proactively, our solution is tailored made to meet your needs!

Discover OxygenIT

An industrial-grade solution including an emissions calculator, an interactive studio and all the APIs you need for a simple integration.

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Robust and Reproducible Calculations

Perform limitless computations with confidence, robust precision in every result and reproduce your analyses effortlessly

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Effortless File Import/Export

Import and export data files, integrate with external monitoring tools and share results for collaborative decision-making.

Monitor your current CO2 emissions
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Comprehensive Monitoring

Gain essential insights for thorough monitoring and analysis, facilitating informed decision-making.

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Strategic Planning

Predict emissions for the coming year, establish reduction plans based on proactive insights and manage your carbon footprint strategy.

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Personalized Adaptation

Tailor integration to your specific needs and create customized, real-time dashboards.

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Seamless Embedding

Easily embed the tool within your existing system, create enriched monitoring capabilities.

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OxygenIT helps you work on all aspects of cloud and datacenter carbon emissions

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At OxygenIT, we delve deep into the intricate world of cloud infrastructure and datacenter, conducting meticulous analyses of carbon emissions data. This profound understanding serves as the cornerstone upon which consulting firms build their expertise.

Armed with precise insights, consultancies can offer well-informed guidance to their clients, shaping strategies that are both environmentally responsible and technologically advanced.

Mesure your current CO2 emissions
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Collaborate with our seasoned experts to craft tailored, step-by-step transition plans. These plans not only minimize carbon emissions but also enhance cost efficiency, making the shift to sustainable practices not only ecologically sound but also economically viable.

Together, we create roadmaps that guide businesses toward a greener future without compromising their financial stability.

OxygenIT proposes concrete action plans to reduce your IT carbon emissions
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Harness the power of our advanced monitoring tools that meticulously track the effectiveness of implemented strategies. Consulting firms can deliver detailed reports to clients, showcasing tangible progress.

This transparency reinforces the commitment to accountability and aligns businesses with global environmental goals.

Mesure your cloud and on-premise CO2 emissions
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Navigate the complex landscape of regulations with our guidance. We assist consulting firms and their clients in adhering to stringent environmental standards and obtaining essential certifications.

Achieving compliance not only enhances credibility but also showcases a firm dedication to global environmental initiatives, reinforcing reputational strength in a competitive market.

cloud carbon compliance and certification

Ready to lead the way with OxygenIT?

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Differentiation and Leadership

Stand out in your industry by leading the charge in sustainable practices, setting an example for others to follow.

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Enhanced Client Relationships

Provide clients with valuable, data-driven insights, building trust and fostering long-term relationships based on environmental responsibility.

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Revenue Growth

Offer unique services that are in high demand. As businesses prioritize sustainability, your consultancy can tap into a growing market segment.

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Expert Partnership

Partner with OxygenIT, a leader in environmental sustainability, and leverage our expertise to enhance your consultancy’s capabilities and reputation.

Why OxygenIT?

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Up-to-date, precise and hourly measurements

We are committed to continually updating our cloud and datacenter configurations with the latest data, so you don't have to.  We take every necessary parameter into account to provide to you the most precise measurements possible.

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Exhaustive cloud provider coverage

OxygenIT works with all the leading cloud providers and includes the entirety of their public cloud resources. You have access to a wide choice of options and can accurately measure your carbon footprint across different cloud providers and on-premise infrastructures.

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Flexible infrastructure modeling

You can simulate emissions on as many infrastructure models as you need, there is no limit.  If you need to, collaborate with our cloud and datacenter world-class experts for estimates tailored to your unique configuration. We offer advice and validation for accurate and reliable results.

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